Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Ribbon on My Finger

I'm among the people who experience to the extreme. I can be the happiest person on earth. Or I can feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. A few days ago, I was depressed. I was just down, frustrated, and very disappointed in myself. I wallowed in sadness all night but as always with hopes to get to a better tomorrow. As promised, I made sure to pick myself up and start over and just get better. I snapped a few frames.

I bought this ring that night as a symbol (or I could've just used depression as an excuse to buy it. I'm not really sure. ;P) that things will get better, that I hold the choice to make things better.. .. I tried to take the ring shot with my hand, but I don't have pretty hands. Maybe that'll be my next purchase. ;P

I'm still planning my next shoot, still deciding what props to use. Here are the colorful straws I've been collecting from my tea purchases. I'm pretty sure they'd come in handy for a shoot one day. hmmm!

Delicacies from Zamboanga! My mom, brother, & sister are finally here!!! A sure indication that things are really bound to get better!:)

The camera necklace my sister has been excited to give me!! Isn't it pretty?;D

I've missed shooting! I realized that the reason why I must've been really frustrated with shooting and my photography might be because I didn't know what I really wanted to shoot. We shot a lot last term to the point of feeling burned out (there was this particular subject.. with that particular prof. psfhalkfja!;P) At the risk of sounding cliche, I love using photography as a creative outlet of bits and pieces of my mind. I love the process of imagining photos in my head, rummaging through stores for the right props and costumes, preparing sets, cajoling models to do this particular post, or make that certain expression until everything comes together in that single frame. Sometimes I wish there was just a thought-visual image translator. But I guess that wouldn't be too pretty for some.. so I just really have to learn the props-set-schedule-fstop-aperture-iso language! whooo!

In other news, I now officially have a business card! yippeee! If you lift the phone, you find my details!:D I've passed this as a requirement for my Marketing Strategies subject. It still looks dead though.. will work on it..

Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm ready! (..I think)

We are now going on to our highest peak this term, the finals month! There are times I feel like I'm on autopilot. There’s a lot on my plate of need-to-do’s that the usual teeny sprinkle of my want-to-do’s for added pizazz might just poison the plate. But not for long! If my diligence cooperates with my willpower and discipline, by this week I should be done with all my other requirements so by next week I can plan and shoot for our final exhibit for the term! I’m so giddy with excitement! We plan to make it a moving exhibit! on trucks! My ever-so-reliable groupmates are currently on their way to ask for permission on our planned stops. *fingers tightly crossed!!!

Meanwhile here are some of the photos I contributed to 3 exhibits we just opened this week! 3!

Urban Abstraction

Mt. Pulag

I need to learn how to better process my photos. ._.

I like this photo! Aside from the sun being good to me, I totally see a one-eyed monster in the middle. I cropped this photo to emphasize the head for the exhibit but now I think this is more effective. I hope I'm not the only one who sees it... 

Hacienda Luisita

Honestly, I don't really like my work lately. I just don't feel inspired. I'm embarrassed to admit I've been slacking off with my photography. I have a million excuses in my head. But I guess, I'll leave this as a confession this time, for now. ;P But with that said, I'm also proud to say that I'm already making plans. I will shoot more, experiment more, fail more and just get better, hopefully much better this year! whooo! I really just have to start doing something. I'm tired of just being full of dreams. I'm ready (but still a little scared. ;|) to start achieving! wuhooo!:D

Monday, March 14, 2011

Go Japan!:)

I've always wanted to travel. I also do my best to be a go-green advocate as much as I can. I distinctly remembered wanting to go to Japan when I read a magazine article years ago. It was about how with the rise of one of Japan's cities, (am not sure if it was Osaka, the article was about 4-6 years ago, I remember reading it in my room in the province..) came the unwelcomed, but not properly warded off effects of industrialization, pollution and all its ugly side effects. Smog was very eminent in the city that it just couldn't be ignored any longer. The city had to do something. And such a solution they came up with! They made it a policy to install rooftop gardens in all condominiums and houses! With that solution, the air pollution and temperatures decreased. I remembered being so proud of the city for taking such a huge step forward after taking some steps backward both in aesthetics and in the AMN (Appreciating Mother Nature) department! Did I say I wanted to go to Japan? Scratch that! I wanted to LIVE there!:)

Stories like this give me hope. Then, I hoped that something similar would be implemented in our country. Now, I hope that the victims of the catastrophe, the survivors, the cities affected, the country, would rise up to amaze and inspire little high school girls who like to know that there'll always be a better tomorrow.

Because looking at the skies remind me of hope.. and how we're all in this together..