Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Ribbon on My Finger

I'm among the people who experience to the extreme. I can be the happiest person on earth. Or I can feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. A few days ago, I was depressed. I was just down, frustrated, and very disappointed in myself. I wallowed in sadness all night but as always with hopes to get to a better tomorrow. As promised, I made sure to pick myself up and start over and just get better. I snapped a few frames.

I bought this ring that night as a symbol (or I could've just used depression as an excuse to buy it. I'm not really sure. ;P) that things will get better, that I hold the choice to make things better.. .. I tried to take the ring shot with my hand, but I don't have pretty hands. Maybe that'll be my next purchase. ;P

I'm still planning my next shoot, still deciding what props to use. Here are the colorful straws I've been collecting from my tea purchases. I'm pretty sure they'd come in handy for a shoot one day. hmmm!

Delicacies from Zamboanga! My mom, brother, & sister are finally here!!! A sure indication that things are really bound to get better!:)

The camera necklace my sister has been excited to give me!! Isn't it pretty?;D

I've missed shooting! I realized that the reason why I must've been really frustrated with shooting and my photography might be because I didn't know what I really wanted to shoot. We shot a lot last term to the point of feeling burned out (there was this particular subject.. with that particular prof. psfhalkfja!;P) At the risk of sounding cliche, I love using photography as a creative outlet of bits and pieces of my mind. I love the process of imagining photos in my head, rummaging through stores for the right props and costumes, preparing sets, cajoling models to do this particular post, or make that certain expression until everything comes together in that single frame. Sometimes I wish there was just a thought-visual image translator. But I guess that wouldn't be too pretty for some.. so I just really have to learn the props-set-schedule-fstop-aperture-iso language! whooo!

In other news, I now officially have a business card! yippeee! If you lift the phone, you find my details!:D I've passed this as a requirement for my Marketing Strategies subject. It still looks dead though.. will work on it..

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