Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I spilled my breakfast twice this morning.. ._.

..but then I found this..

:D Happy first day of the second half of the year!:))

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To do today..

I've been pretty stressed lately..

We need to make 120 photos of lines this week. 20 each for: boundary, symbolic, implied, contour, directional and linear.. + I have plates to do for my other subjects too. ..helloOoo headaches!

As I was telling this to a new friend I talked to earlier, his response was: "At least you love what you do.." :)
Wow! That struck me so much 'cause this is what my dad told me before I decided I'd be a photographer. an excerpt from my finals speech for oralcom last term:

I’ve always been the curious type, always wanting to try everything. Even after I graduated from high school, I still didn’t know what course I wanted to take. A friend soundly pointed out, “You want a different course every single day. ” It was true. He should've asked what my favorite ice cream flavor was if he wanted a constant answer for weeks!;)

I wanted to be ala Mother Teresa to love, care and make the sick happy. *suuree.;P I wanted to be a mechanical engineer because a friend taking up that course said I could make my own shampoos and lotions if I studied that. I was even about to enter school with Management Information Systems as my course. AND I couldn’t even understand computer programming in high school! The one thing I knew for sure was that I really wanted to travel, and of course wanted to take photos of the places I actually step foot on. So in the one year I spent with my dad after high school, I studied photography online. I read the basics, tried the tips and tricks I gathered, even nagged my dad to take me to pretty places so I could practice. Even then, being a professional photographer never crossed my mind. Photography was just a hobby, a skill I wanted to have.

...Then one day, as we were having lunch in some kfc joint, my dad said, “If you love your job, you never have to work a single day in your life.” In my mind I was thinking, “uh-oh, even my dad’s getting frustrated. If he asks what I really want to be, I’ll say nurse! ‘cause he’s a nurse. Tell him what he wants to hear. I want to be like you dad!” But then he said, “If you like photography so much, why don’t you become a photographer?” “Thanks for adding another I-want-to-be to my career list Dad!” but I didn’t say that out loud. “Dad, do you really want me to take people’s id pictures and count 1, 2 to signal them to smile?” ‘Cause really those were the only professional photographers I knew. ..But my dad told me to think about it, and I did. I researched on it: life of photographers, not the id picture taking ones. Then I stumbled upon some wedding photographers’ blogs, followed them for a while. Then I realized Yes, I guess this is what I want to do.

In light of doing what I love, today I'll make sure that I enjoy my life!;D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Visuali plate 2

Shucks. This week has been busy busy busy. Last week was really just about visuali. Now, I have drawing and painting too. eeek.. 

It's been fun though. My top fave photos for plate 2:

Fuzzy pooh from my baby sis.<3 I like pooh's "dunno" posture here. but I didn't pass this. I blame my room mate!;P


Even the strongest need support (we're supposed to explain intent.. waa!)!

I knew I wanted to take a photo of a tree.. None felt right until I saw this.. :D

I witnessed two little birds quarrel too!

For this plate we're supposed to make 25 photos showing the different elements and principles of design, using each subject just once. I know I have a lot to improve on..

but for today...Yesss! Karate Kid Day! Finally!!!:)

Me in automobile biscuits..

When I was little-r I wanted to be like Neil Armstrong and be the first girl to step on Pluto. ;)

I’ve been traveling through airplanes since I was a kid.. (unfortunately, never been disrupted by godzilla.;D)

 I wish we could fly through balloons! Or bubbles! Or I think, helicopters would be more fun.:D

My professor called me an “LRT baby” :D

I still wonder how jet planes leave those trails. :D 

I wish I could spill more but I’m out of biscuits. All the other automobiles just kept rushing into my mouth like crazy! The traffic? OMG!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Edible Photos

Yesterday our professor pointed out that there already was a restau where you can eat photographs, even munch on the menu while waiting for your order.. . . .I love photographs! And I love to eat! But, eating photographs?!?! Really?? Whyyy??? I remember passing by a cakes stall and thinking I wouldn’t want to eat those.. I don’t even want to stare at the creatively designed little cakes for too long for fear my sharp gaze would somehow displace the specifically positioned little cherry on top.”

I love little drawings on my food.

But I guess I have to think about photos as food ( I mean, wow! Chef Cantu’s so innovative, so out-of-the-box! Hands-down! I’m amazed. He combined 2 of the things I’d love to do: photography and cooking.. I’m really intrigued.. and I wonder what incredible things he’ll come up with in the future.. buttt.. the edible photographs? I don’t know..

For now, I’ll settle on little photographer biscuits.
 G2g, have to freshen up. ;)

I <3 Philippines. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Visuali plate 1

The results!!!



Thanks to my assistants, ever-busybody Mrs. Potato Head and Agent Cheese Hair for assisting me in the shoot!

which to pass.. . ...

Must haves

With all the things running through my mind, i guess we really are back to school...
Have to make sure that i have my school essentials with me!

biggest encouragers: check!
friends who spoil me..err.. with their time: check!
great friends willing to break their diets for my shoot: check!

I'm so ready!:)

Friday, June 4, 2010

And the theme for the week is..FOOD!!

 Waa. I guess the rumors must be true.. He even confirmed it, justtt.. he also referred to them as rumors (so he confirmed that the rumors are rumors and that they're true..ha?:P): he does TEAR up unacceptable works.. and he does assign upto 180 photos a week! whoo! let's do this!!!

I'm not sure if I'm lucky with the theme I got.. just.. I wish I were home..

Everything just seems to be made out of love at home..



Really! It'd drive you crazy!;D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's official! School's back.

Eeeek! My first freehand class is TODAY!!!!!!! :-ss

I hope my professor appreciates my penguin drawing specialization.. ;D

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ze trolley

proof number 84329 my mom loves me! 

(..not that I need any. ;))

The adage, "Be careful what you wish for?" it's true! My mom could be such a worry wart, especially when we have to travel! She always insists on arriving at the airport 2 hours before the flight. So my sister & I would jokingly tell her, "but we want to hear our names called out for the last call.. & that is EXACTLY what happened on my way home this summer! ONLY, my sister was already home. I was on my own. with not 1, not 2, not 3... but 4 tedious hand/shoulder-carry bags in tow! 4!!!

My mom told me my flight was at 240 pm. And as far as I know, boarding time is about 20 minutes before the flight. So imagine my surprise when I checked my boarding pass and it said boarding was at 150! It was about a quarter to 1 then! Still believing my mom, I wasn't that worried thinking maybe Cebu Pacific were just trying really hard to be more punctual. There was the line to the gates! Still having such faith in my mom, I didn't think anything of the long line aside from, "it's making me look like a heavy bag holder." 

On my way to the gates, I was starting to imagine the crew calling out my name, thinking I was just sort of wishful thinking again. Only I wasn't. They were really calling out my name! I didn't realize this till I saw one of the crew running with an expectant face, then she asked Apple Marie...? I could only nod. Then she made me run. RUN! I was like, doesn't she see the bags signing "walk at a leisurely pace, minus the leisurely?!" After she assisted me to the gate, another girl made me run with her to the bus, relentlessly beckoning me to go faster and faster, really!!! Thank God there was the bus which took me ALONE to the airplane. Why hasn't anyone perfected an invisibility potion yet?!?! The kind bus driver confirmed that the flight was actually at 220 & it was already a little past 220 then! Trying to find a bright side, I was immediately thankful that I asked for a window seat and the only available one was at the far end of the airplane, near the door. So I could just immediately, conspicuously sink into my seat. Only to find out the door left open for me was at front so every single person on the plane could see who gloriously delayed their flight. I could only wish I chose a better outfit!!! 

I guess my mom gave me the trolley so the next time I get "the last call..." I can run and make it in time!;P

 i miss my family. ._.

I know this isn't the sharpest picture.. but look! how cool is our mom!;P