Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ze trolley

proof number 84329 my mom loves me! 

(..not that I need any. ;))

The adage, "Be careful what you wish for?" it's true! My mom could be such a worry wart, especially when we have to travel! She always insists on arriving at the airport 2 hours before the flight. So my sister & I would jokingly tell her, "but we want to hear our names called out for the last call.. & that is EXACTLY what happened on my way home this summer! ONLY, my sister was already home. I was on my own. with not 1, not 2, not 3... but 4 tedious hand/shoulder-carry bags in tow! 4!!!

My mom told me my flight was at 240 pm. And as far as I know, boarding time is about 20 minutes before the flight. So imagine my surprise when I checked my boarding pass and it said boarding was at 150! It was about a quarter to 1 then! Still believing my mom, I wasn't that worried thinking maybe Cebu Pacific were just trying really hard to be more punctual. There was the line to the gates! Still having such faith in my mom, I didn't think anything of the long line aside from, "it's making me look like a heavy bag holder." 

On my way to the gates, I was starting to imagine the crew calling out my name, thinking I was just sort of wishful thinking again. Only I wasn't. They were really calling out my name! I didn't realize this till I saw one of the crew running with an expectant face, then she asked Apple Marie...? I could only nod. Then she made me run. RUN! I was like, doesn't she see the bags signing "walk at a leisurely pace, minus the leisurely?!" After she assisted me to the gate, another girl made me run with her to the bus, relentlessly beckoning me to go faster and faster, really!!! Thank God there was the bus which took me ALONE to the airplane. Why hasn't anyone perfected an invisibility potion yet?!?! The kind bus driver confirmed that the flight was actually at 220 & it was already a little past 220 then! Trying to find a bright side, I was immediately thankful that I asked for a window seat and the only available one was at the far end of the airplane, near the door. So I could just immediately, conspicuously sink into my seat. Only to find out the door left open for me was at front so every single person on the plane could see who gloriously delayed their flight. I could only wish I chose a better outfit!!! 

I guess my mom gave me the trolley so the next time I get "the last call..." I can run and make it in time!;P

 i miss my family. ._.

I know this isn't the sharpest picture.. but look! how cool is our mom!;P

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