Thursday, June 17, 2010

Visuali plate 2

Shucks. This week has been busy busy busy. Last week was really just about visuali. Now, I have drawing and painting too. eeek.. 

It's been fun though. My top fave photos for plate 2:

Fuzzy pooh from my baby sis.<3 I like pooh's "dunno" posture here. but I didn't pass this. I blame my room mate!;P


Even the strongest need support (we're supposed to explain intent.. waa!)!

I knew I wanted to take a photo of a tree.. None felt right until I saw this.. :D

I witnessed two little birds quarrel too!

For this plate we're supposed to make 25 photos showing the different elements and principles of design, using each subject just once. I know I have a lot to improve on..

but for today...Yesss! Karate Kid Day! Finally!!!:)

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