Saturday, June 12, 2010

Edible Photos

Yesterday our professor pointed out that there already was a restau where you can eat photographs, even munch on the menu while waiting for your order.. . . .I love photographs! And I love to eat! But, eating photographs?!?! Really?? Whyyy??? I remember passing by a cakes stall and thinking I wouldn’t want to eat those.. I don’t even want to stare at the creatively designed little cakes for too long for fear my sharp gaze would somehow displace the specifically positioned little cherry on top.”

I love little drawings on my food.

But I guess I have to think about photos as food ( I mean, wow! Chef Cantu’s so innovative, so out-of-the-box! Hands-down! I’m amazed. He combined 2 of the things I’d love to do: photography and cooking.. I’m really intrigued.. and I wonder what incredible things he’ll come up with in the future.. buttt.. the edible photographs? I don’t know..

For now, I’ll settle on little photographer biscuits.
 G2g, have to freshen up. ;)

I <3 Philippines. :)

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