Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow.

Today was a good great day! After 2 days of being absent, I finally went back to school. Then almost immediately, we went on an impromptu interview with the chief photographer Mr. Joe Galvez who was very much willing to share beyond our prof's proposed questions. Our friend who lived near GMA then had all 8 of us over for lunch! Score!!!:) Our The Fort shoot for the next class was cancelled. I was really looking forward to it. ._. It was raining anyway and I loooove the rain so it's ok! :) I got to visit the library and finally a toy store. I've been wanting to for weeks! buy bubbles!:)) Finally, a shoot to stand by with for altproc! Wee! I was stuck in about an hour of traffic for a distance that could have been walked for 10 minutes.. but tonight I'm going to sleep excited. (not just because I very unexpectedly saw my crush2an today,;"D ..shucks! I'm so high school!) but because tomorrow I will take my not-so-awesome but hopefully my-most-awesome-to-date portrait!:D *crossed fingers. :D

today a discovery
haiku I suck at

Fineeee. take 2!:))

Another day's end
Such a sweet relief to know
A fresh start's coming

bwahaha. I'm just getting to know haiku okayyyyyy.. :P

P.P.S. I scratched out good and changed it to great *about the day* because as I was closing my e-mail tonight, I just saw again Jasmine Star's reply which I read still a little half asleep this morning. No wonder I was in a good mood all day!:D

She called me girlfriend too!!!!<333

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  1. Keep the spirit up! That's the way to go!