Monday, November 8, 2010

Cybertopia and Living.

Sometimes I think I'm not meant to live in this highly technological era. I'm not really a fan of facebook, I very much prefer to enjoy things slowly, & I like more personalized hand-written notes to e-mails. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the genius of men behind all these developments. It's just hard to keep up (a.k.a. not get addicted) that in trying to do so, I think I've become more of a cybertopian than an earthling. Un/fortunately, Cybertopia has its ways of telling me to move out too:

"We are always getting ready to live, never living." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Those who make the worst use of their time are the first to complain of its shortness." -Jean de la Bruyere
"Take more photos. Be Fearless. Put yourself out there." -Chase Jarvis
"Follow your dreams. Fail." (*in the context of make mistakes & learn.) -Jasmine Star.

Gaaaahhh. Tomorrow I'll look for myself. offline. I wonder where that will be. :P
....If only I knew where to go.
One thing I know I wish would go though: My rashes. Got the German Measles this weekend. ._.

Ok. I took that photo only to show my mom how red/extra healthy looking with not my extra rosy face, not just cheeks.. Again. Just for my Mom. I totally debated posting it here. But ta-daahhh! Not that I needed proof of how uncreative I've been lately. I'll make it serve as a personal reminder to push myself more. But hey, I was sick. So that's my excuse. A very valid one I might add!;P the end.

Just to say I have lived my life last week, I had my first studio photoshoot!:DD I must admit, even for that I didn't have the initiative. (un)Luckily, my friend Mica only knew me from photography and she needed help to make a set card for her midterms in aesthet. So tadaaah! 

One of the out takes of the test shots while waiting for the equipment *it was the first photoshoot for her too:

From the actual shoot, with invaluable help from Ame!:)

An outtake, 'cause the photos had to be "Fierce" which made me kind of sad 'cause she has such a great smile!:D *bad framing. ._.

A mistake that I loved:

Ohhh! Anddd I've been taking a photo a day for my proj 365! which of course I'm not proud of yet either.

Starting tomorrow:
Stop just listing and start crossing off my lists.
Blog more to keep me more accountable.
Be more creative.
Just experiment.
Just live.
..& have fun.

*whooossshhhh.. :)

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