Monday, March 14, 2011

Go Japan!:)

I've always wanted to travel. I also do my best to be a go-green advocate as much as I can. I distinctly remembered wanting to go to Japan when I read a magazine article years ago. It was about how with the rise of one of Japan's cities, (am not sure if it was Osaka, the article was about 4-6 years ago, I remember reading it in my room in the province..) came the unwelcomed, but not properly warded off effects of industrialization, pollution and all its ugly side effects. Smog was very eminent in the city that it just couldn't be ignored any longer. The city had to do something. And such a solution they came up with! They made it a policy to install rooftop gardens in all condominiums and houses! With that solution, the air pollution and temperatures decreased. I remembered being so proud of the city for taking such a huge step forward after taking some steps backward both in aesthetics and in the AMN (Appreciating Mother Nature) department! Did I say I wanted to go to Japan? Scratch that! I wanted to LIVE there!:)

Stories like this give me hope. Then, I hoped that something similar would be implemented in our country. Now, I hope that the victims of the catastrophe, the survivors, the cities affected, the country, would rise up to amaze and inspire little high school girls who like to know that there'll always be a better tomorrow.

Because looking at the skies remind me of hope.. and how we're all in this together..


  1. inspiring.........for people with faith, there will always be HOPE amidst the disaster......JAPAN we are with you in prayers......

  2. =) And your blogs inspire! Keep it up!

  3. thank you! why are you guys anonymoussssss.. :P