Monday, August 2, 2010


I've wanted to blog about a lot of things lately but haven't done so 'cause I haven't made this birthday post. ._.

Sooooo. . . .

Well, I've been pretty drained from the routine (cramming) midterms week set for me. So I really wanted to do things differently for my birthday. For one, I wanted to get up early. My sister obliged!:)

She bought me breakfast, then we got a mani-pedi, lunch and shoe shopping! Weee! 
Unfortunately, I got so caught up with the excitement of my birthday, I forgot to take pictures. x.x Photographer fail. Thankfully, I have a stalker room mate for the pm!;D **next photos are courtesy of my stalker, I mean photojournalistic room mate Karlaloo.. ;D

Don't I just have the most awesome room mates?:) *shall I say room mate one more time?:P They didn't go home for the weekend and they braved the heavy rains for my birthday.. :D:D:D

I didn't know what I specifically wanted to do on my birthday. .there are a lot I could think of but I don't want to cram it all in one day like last year. I wanted a slow, relaxed, happy birthday this year. So I didn't really plan anything 'cause I didn't know what I'd feel like doing for the day. THE day came, and Inception it was!:D Loved it!! Totally Racked my brain! Must see it again!!!:D

*soo paparazzi. :))

Ate Rhia wanted Falafel so Gl4 it was. . .We were so not hungry!
*see my eyes? that's the look of the girl who's about to steal her friend's falafel. :)) I so wanted that but I've just been used to having spaghetti for my birthday, I didn't want to break the tradition. ..Noodles for long life! Ever since I was a kid I never wanted to cut my noodles, 'cause obviously it meant cutting life short, obviously. :P

of course they had to buy me qoolah!!!<3

Anddddd then, my surprise! Weee! I specifically requested Karlaloo to surprise me. hahaha. but I still don't have the gift she promised me for last year so I didn't see the transfomations of my space and the gifts when we get home - coming. :P
*the making. :P


. .One of my best college buddies stopped by just to give me cupcakes too!

I mentioned I wanted an adventure, and an adventure she prepared for me!<3
Did I mention I loved it?
not just the adventure part, but the unfolding and the making of the adventure too! Karlaloo, if you're reading this.. you know what I mean.. righhhtttttt?:))

I really missed my other family and friends.. Thanks to the internet, there was the video from my hs best friends.<3 and then the overwhelming FB greetings, and the specially crafted messages! and the late greetings that extended my birthday, even earlier messages that somehow advanced it!<333

Why don't we celebrate birthdays with monthsaries or even just every half-a-year! like happy half-birthday!!!:D there are half sizes for shoes! why not birthdays???:P

Note to my supposedly more mature, 19yy self: stop being such a student (Stop ze procrastinating! ok, more realistically: limit it!!!:PP) 


  1. =]I'm not really sure if I know what you mean about the making and the unfolding... =))

    Tell me? =))