Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catch Up Olympics

This blog is just one of the things I have to play catch up with. Again. I'm dyinggggg... My plates are drowning me. I know I just won't make it if I don’t play the games asap. So here’s me convincing myself to just get up and do it. *whoooo!

My uninspired plate for desprin. X.x I had a funner, more colorful album design(that’s supposed represent us) in mind, but as I was doing it yesterday, color and fun just didn’t feel “me”. I chose the split complimentary color scheme. I should have used darker shades though. I wanted it to show how I'm too drained to be who I want to be. I know I could’ve done a lot more with it, but I didn’t want to risk ruining it. Great. Now, I'm playing safe. X.x waaa. I’m now slapping myself to cut the drama out. Still slapping. Still slapping. . . ….ok. done. Ow. My cheeks hurt.:P

All that’s left to do is keep moving forward. Let the catch up olympics begin!!! *fingers crossed I win.

If not, everdearestsodearever family, I hope you read this before my funeral. ‘cause I want you to tell everyone, if anyone would come that I don’t want flowers please. I want chocolates. Preferably dark. With almonds. Please. Thank you.

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