Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey World! I'm 19!

I try to remember people's birthdays as much as I can. I love birthdays. I love it 'cause it's the one day I think you can really call YOUR day, well, at least the day that other people would usually recognize yours too. Why can't everyday be my birthday?;D

But the thing is it might be YOUR day, but it really depends on how the people who know and love you make it yours; how more than wanting to be part of the birthday treats, they simply just want to celebrate your day with you, hoping that in their own little way, they make you feel special. ..I'm so blessed!:D

I will post about my birthday tomorrow. For now,

*I couldn't find a solo photo of my 19yy self.. so here's my first plate as a 19yy!:D

Stayed up till about 5 to finish this but my professor didn't show up. ._.
Now, I think I'll have to repeat it. We're supposed to make a self-portrait using basic shapes and tonal values. ..I don't think I showed much shapes. The lines are more prominent. The BG doesn't count. It's just a means to cover up the mess I made on the BG.;P

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