Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Random stuff about my 18yo self:

::I think while I brush my teeth. I dunno why, I think my toothbrush has a power switch to my brain or something.. Or maybe it's my toothpaste? Am not really sure.;P

::I don’t like making people wait. Just the thought of people waiting for me makes some voice in my head scream MOVE IT! STOP WASTING THEIR TIME! JUST GO ALREADY.. ..and the other voice screams “I WANTTT my own sweet time!!!” :P

::I’ve always loved crafts.

::I’m easily amused.

  :I can be so OC.

::I always find something to do. Sitting Still's hard.

::I dream big. like crazy big. But I like simple too.

::pull out random hallmark cards on my way out when I'm walking alone. I love the simple, short, and carefully crafted messages. .I really wish I could've written some of those! :P

::I love the smell of coffee. but I love sleeping more than drinking coffee. 

::I wish I could read more.

::Po's Dad's "to make something special, you just have to believe it's special" has been stuck in my mind lately. :)

::I've always wanted a Mr. Potato Head toy!!

::I take the stairs 'cause waiting for the elevator takes soooo long(at school at least).

::No plastic for me please!

::I have this effect on stuff. One touch from me, and

        ..plak, it fell

        ..splash, it spilled

        ..bam, it crashed..

        I don’t know what I ever do. Why do things JUST fall when I’m near??:P And I could start a
              collection of broken headphones. .

::I don’t remember why, but ever since high school I’ve been fascinated with Paris. I’m so going there! It might be the only reason I'd already want to graduate. Other than that, I'd waive total independence the longest possible time, thank you. :D

::I save messages that make me smile, actually anything that made-makes me smile.

::I started blogging 'cause I want to remember. and so i have somewhere to dump my random thoughts.

::I've never seen a firefly... ._.

::I wonder if I use too many smileys.. :D

::Am not liking this to many “I”’s in a post.

::I don’t really feel 18, not that I know how 18 feels like. :D

The first day of my 18th: 

4 days to go!\:D/

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