Monday, July 19, 2010

Visuali Challenges 2-5

I still can’t get over it.. we don’t have an assignment in visuali for this week! It’s incredible!! I feel like we’re on a term break (even if I still have my other subjects to think about) with no images to visualize and readily capture to keep me on my toes. Weee! So in line with playing catch up with my blog, I’m posting images from previous assignments. *Doesn't "challenge" sound better than "plate?" :)

Challenge 2: lines

I spy a masterpiece by a certain 8-legged critter!

Challenge 3: Frame within a frame..

I just have the cutest friends and family ever..

spot the hidden mickey! (so not obvious!;P)

I wish I could fly.. :)

Challenge 4: Shapes through portraits of family and friends.. this was the toughest for me.. ._.I didn't think it'd be that tough 'cause I have very willing friends to model for me, but it was so hard to find a schedule that would match all our schedules.. Then on the day we were finally supposed to shoot, it rained. HARD. so I was so sad I didn't get the photos I wanted.. ..thank God for stock photos and very game friends despite the weather!!:D

We shot in school instead. Jump shots? CLASsic!

We resorted to candle light too. Thank youuu dearest room mates + Ana!:))

Ze cuties!!:)

Challenge 5: Color ..I've been looking forward to this week! I wish I could've done it better though. Why did it have to coincide with midterms week......

I've always wanted to be invisible..

Why don't they make gummy pandas??

I've had no choice but to start a collection of straws from all the boxes of milk I buy to go with my cereal.. I kept it 'cause I don't want it to just go to waste and I thought I might get to use it someway..'s not much, but.. ta-dahh.. :P


till NEXT week's challenge!!!\:D/

...And the countdown to my birthday begins!!! What to do.. What to do.. :D

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