Saturday, July 17, 2010


This is me(june something). I wonder what’s wrong with that mirror. I somehow look different in it.. look at those lips! ;)

Anddd This is me(07.06 or 07). I got the most awesome jet black big circles around my eyes finishing this, but I like it! Doesn’t it look human?!!!:D *I still don't know how to draw hair.. so the hair is courtesy of my room mate! ty hannah!:D

I’m really enjoying my freehand class. I’m learning!:D Mostly from youtu(be)-niversity.. it’s the best school ever! You can go whenever you want, pause/forward the prof's blabbering and even switch between classes! +you can mute when you don’t feel like listening! plus! it's free too! why didn't i just enroll there.. ;P

If i can draw (well.. super slight..), then anything's possible!:D

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