Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Break!. . . please?

I’d like to think life is finally about to catch up with me and my plates. But my sketchpads and bristol boards scream otherwise. --.

Busy. Busy. Busy. I don’t like that word. Draw! Paint! Design! Now, these works I(’m starting to really) like better. But for 5 different subjects, they just take too much time!! Making me . .Busy. Busy. Busy. That word again!._.

I’ve been pretending I was/were(?) a robot, that didn’t need sleep the past few days ‘cause I wanted to have time to slow down and think about my shots for my finals. but apparently that's not possible. the slowing down part at least. ._. No sleep. Pardon the robot lag/zombie mode. :P

I haven't really thought about my shots yet (am soo dead). But right now, what my mind is filled with isss…as an art school, why do we run on trimester??? Haven’t they ever heard that you can’t rush art? I mean really. I didn’t think I’d enjoy drawing and painting as much as I do. But it’s the load/week that weighs me down. Art is supposed to be fun.. but all the rush, minus all the sleep makes it seem like work, when it's supposed to be more of play. (Am I making sense?--,)

-ze robot's failed attempt at tessellation. ._. really must not rush art. Really should finish plates. Really need sleep. Really need a break.

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  1. Well here's a ranting apple.. hahaha..
    De La Salle Educational System should not be in trimester. I agree!!!!!!! D8

  2. apple! i got na the lumix gf1, and it's pretty great. getting slr quality pics using a smaller body was the thing that got me. haha. i seriously need classes! teach me! haha

  3. @karlaloo, you'd be the first 501 survivor!!!! gogogooo!!!:))

    @gio:o? wow! i like! haha. wow! I'd like that. I'm no expert but I'll tell you all I know. might be coming home for term break next month! game?:D