Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To do today..

I've been pretty stressed lately..

We need to make 120 photos of lines this week. 20 each for: boundary, symbolic, implied, contour, directional and linear.. + I have plates to do for my other subjects too. ..helloOoo headaches!

As I was telling this to a new friend I talked to earlier, his response was: "At least you love what you do.." :)
Wow! That struck me so much 'cause this is what my dad told me before I decided I'd be a photographer. an excerpt from my finals speech for oralcom last term:

I’ve always been the curious type, always wanting to try everything. Even after I graduated from high school, I still didn’t know what course I wanted to take. A friend soundly pointed out, “You want a different course every single day. ” It was true. He should've asked what my favorite ice cream flavor was if he wanted a constant answer for weeks!;)

I wanted to be ala Mother Teresa to love, care and make the sick happy. *suuree.;P I wanted to be a mechanical engineer because a friend taking up that course said I could make my own shampoos and lotions if I studied that. I was even about to enter school with Management Information Systems as my course. AND I couldn’t even understand computer programming in high school! The one thing I knew for sure was that I really wanted to travel, and of course wanted to take photos of the places I actually step foot on. So in the one year I spent with my dad after high school, I studied photography online. I read the basics, tried the tips and tricks I gathered, even nagged my dad to take me to pretty places so I could practice. Even then, being a professional photographer never crossed my mind. Photography was just a hobby, a skill I wanted to have.

...Then one day, as we were having lunch in some kfc joint, my dad said, “If you love your job, you never have to work a single day in your life.” In my mind I was thinking, “uh-oh, even my dad’s getting frustrated. If he asks what I really want to be, I’ll say nurse! ‘cause he’s a nurse. Tell him what he wants to hear. I want to be like you dad!” But then he said, “If you like photography so much, why don’t you become a photographer?” “Thanks for adding another I-want-to-be to my career list Dad!” but I didn’t say that out loud. “Dad, do you really want me to take people’s id pictures and count 1, 2 to signal them to smile?” ‘Cause really those were the only professional photographers I knew. ..But my dad told me to think about it, and I did. I researched on it: life of photographers, not the id picture taking ones. Then I stumbled upon some wedding photographers’ blogs, followed them for a while. Then I realized Yes, I guess this is what I want to do.

In light of doing what I love, today I'll make sure that I enjoy my life!;D